Services: Screen Printing / Embroidery

Screen Printing

This is the most popular method of transferring images and designs to textiles (ie. t-shirts).  The process involves "burning" the design onto mesh screens and forcing a plastic ink (plastisol) through the screens onto the garment.


Embroidery refers to embellishing goods with a logo or image sewn on shirts or other garments.  Some of the more popular items for embroidery:

• Headwear (caps)

• Sportshirts (polos)

• Woven shirts (button-up)

• Jackets

• Tote bags

Graphic Printing

Graphic printing refers to goods other than wearables that are screen printed.  Some examples of these products:

• Car Magnets (

• Decals

• Window clings

• Bumper Stickers

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