Re: Wrestling Shirt

Totally awesome! Go with it! Remember to add the schools and sponsors. Thanks guys! You have outdone yourself from last year’s shirt and even 100 times better than the other team’s shirts!


– Rhonda

Re: Delta Magnets

The magnets arrived Thursday. I presented them at our meeting on Saturday and all were pleased. Thanks for working with me in making this project successful!

Thanks again,

– Tirrell

Re: Ski Shirt

That looks great. Excellent work. Let’s go ahead and do both of those shirts… exactly like they are. I like the smoke, we should keep that. Font looks great, “distressed” look is the right way to go there… and the shirt colors, I think you’re right with that so let’s do exactly what you sent me. Thanks Todd.

Be blessed,

– Jonathan

Re: School T-shirts

Todd, Thanks for everything. The shirts were awesome and all went well.


– Eric

Re: Shirts and Caps

Our performance went very well and the kids (and parents) loved the shirts and caps. They looked sharp on stage from the audience. I’m glad it’s over and I’m glad that I don’t have to bug you anymore about any of it. But maybe next year…

Thanks again for a job well done.

– Angie

Re: Little Lamb Tees

I LOVE it… That will do great…


– Dianne

Re: KY shirt

I love the t-shirt design!

– Laura

Re: Christmas Carol

Thanks so much! The hat looks great! I’m so excited about getting them. You will really be finished tomorrow? That’s incredible.

Thanks again!

– Tracy

Re: Kentucky Sesign

I love the new shirt design for Kentucky. You did a great job. Thanks for sending it to me and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

– Barbara

Re: Stuff Again…

I want to thank you and your employees for all the hard work you have done to help make EVERY CHILD A WINNER.

– Anna

Re: Logomagnets

Just wanted to let you know I received my magnets in time for my event and thank you for making that happen. They look great! I’m glad I went with the yellow beak. Our school principle was so excited about the magnet he called from his truck to say how great it looked.


– Julie

Re: PTA magnets

Mr. Turner,

I have just returned from out of town and received your graphic – love it! Thank you for switching the focal point; you are right it does look great. Our open house is this Friday (8th) and we are looking forward to having them on hand.  

Thanks again!

– Mary

Re: Leopards

This looks great! In fact, everyone liked your artwork so well that we have decided to increase our order! Please go ahead with our order but change the quantity to 375. Thank you very much for designing the artwork in a timely manner.


– Tonda

Re: LogoMagnet for school

That is exactly what we wanted!

– Richard

Re: T-shirts

Thanks man. If you didn’t before, you definitely have now won us over. Thanks for all of your hard work and cooperation. Let us know if we can help you in any way.  

– Jonathan